You Fell In Love With The Daughter Of Your Family's Enemy. Will You Choose To Flee Or Face The Situation?

By  Selina
Published on   Jun. 12, 2023

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You’re Josephine.

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You fell in love a year ago with the most unlikely of persons. Gwen, the love of your life is the daughter of a family that’s at odds with yours. It’s been this way amongst your household for almost a century. Should anyone from your home discover this illicit relationship between the two of you, who knows what hell would be unleashed!

But do you care? Not really. Even now you’re sneaking out of your mansion to meet with Gwen for a nightly adventure in the town.


Gwen said she’d like to see a famous magician, but you’d prefer to wander the bursting streets together.

What do you do?

Go see the magician
Wander the streets

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